Thursday, 22 August 2013

Dinner at Salt Grill & Sky Bar

We celebrated our 2nd anniversary at Salt Grill & Sky Bar. K was acting all secretive about it, refusing to tell me where we were going but I guessed it right from the start. :P

Salt Grill & Sky Bar is located on the 55th floor of ION Orchard. You go up to the fourth floor in the shopping mall, then the guy behind the counter will lead you through this like, passage way before you come to a private lift.

The lift only services the 4th floor and the 55th floor. But the lift is damn cool, the light will 'travel upwards' as the lift goes up.

Salt Grill & Sky Bar has reeeeaaaaallly dim lighting. It was so dim that you could hardly read the menu and you can't really see what you are eating as well. But I guess that's also to make the night view more contrasting.

There's a different section for the bar on the 56th floor.

We got a window seat. The view is simply amazing. I mean, you're right in the city centre and you're looking down from one of the tallest buildings there. you feel as if the world is at your feet.

But then it also made me realise, Singapore is actually not that well-lit at night compared to other cities.

 Bread for starters.

 This was a complimentary (vegetable?) soup from the chef. But it tasted really weird in an uncool way so we both just left it.

Okay I don't remember what this is called. Some sort of tapas with cherry tomato and mayo?

I had the Barramundi. Ordered the salmon at first but they ran out of it.

 K had some pork thing, which came with three types of pork parts and a caramelized apple.

Triple chocolate for dessert.

The food at Salt Grill & Sky Bar was exorbitantly expensive but the quality of the food was just meh. Luke Mangan advertised themselves as one of Australia's leading chefs and restauranteurs and is deemed highly regarded internationally as a shining example of Australia's culinary culture. But what I can conclude is that I've had better food for a fraction of the price. The serving was also quite small. I mean, I know it's fine dining, but still. For the price we paid, it really wasn't that fantastic but I guess the price is paid more for the view, the ambience and the service instead of what you're actually eating. I mean, what I remember from that night was what a great time I was having, what a great boyfriend I have, but not wow, this is really delicious food. But at least it was a very good dining experience.

They also had this machine to let you look at the view outside in three separate windows, one for morning, one for night, and a live view as well.

 And we realized you could actually use it to spy on some of the apartments. Hahaha. Made me feel like I was an undercover agent. Super cool.

 They also had this service where they will take a photo for you and print it out, kind of like a souvenir for dining there, which is quite a creative idea when you think about it.

 Random photo of the kitchen.

 Sometimes when I think about it, I get really amazed at how K and I got together, and how far we have come from where we were. I mean, we really went through shit at the start, but I'm glad we've ironed all that out and it's not something that we need to go through again.

I'm a really weird person and I get very emotional at times. my mood swings are just crazy and I don't think anybody else can actually stand it and still love me for who I am other than K.

So an-dui ssi, I know you're reading this, and I just wanna say that I LOVE YOU :D

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