Monday, 15 September 2014

Review: SkinnyMint didn't work for me

SkinnyMint has been all the craze lately.

I first noticed them when the ads of Skinny Mint were popping up left, right and centre on my facebook newsfeed. I got bored one day and decided to check out what all the fuss is about.

The idea behind SkinnyMint is simple enough. It's a detox tea (teatox) that is supposed to help you get your dream body through natural cleansing, energy boosting and detoxifying effects.

If you instagram their hashtag #daretobegorgeous, you'll come across many pictures of their supporters.

I got really tempted by some of the before/after photos because there seemed to be a hell lot of difference. The plus point was that their office was located in Singapore, instead of the faraway US or other countries so somehow it seemed more legit. And since the team behind SkinnyMint claimed that their tea is all natural, I thought that there was no harm trying it out.

The thing is that, the SkinnyMint tea is not cheap. It's priced at USD $29.90 for the 14 day starter pack, and USD $54.90 for the 28 day ultimate teatox pack (which is essentially 2 x the 14 day starter pack). 

Because I'm still a poor student, I told myself that I'll start out with the 14 day starter pack, and then repurchase it if I do see any positive effect.

So here is my 14 day starter pack. I wanted to at least try it out for an extended period of time before I gave my review so that it'll be my accurate.

It really saddens me to say that Skinny Mint did not work for me, especially after all those positive reviews I read. I was honestly looking forward to a brand new dream body like they advertised, but sad to say it did not happen.

The morning boost tea bags were supposed to be taken every day. It is supposed to be a healthier alternative to coffee but still give you that energy boost to help increase your metabolism, burn more fat and give you a nice energetic feeling. At least that's what their website says.

I drank it for 14 days straight, and from day 1 I did not feel any of that supposed high-energy effect. Nope, nuh-uh, nil. It was really disappointing but I told myself to brave it out and see if it actually worked.

Next was the night cleanse tea bags, which was supposed to be taken on alternative days from day 1. It had a very ginger-ish smell and taste, slightly unpleasant but nothing too unbearable.

But I really did not like the effect of the night cleanse.

The morning after, I'll get this stomach cramps from the moment I wake up. It's nothing too major that I have to station myself permanently in the toilet in case any unfortunate incident should happen, but enough to constantly remind you that your tummy is really feeling unwell. On some days, there was no cleaning effect at all (read I did not need to do any big business), but when I do, it always comes out too watery, like it was on the brink of becoming diarrhea.

Okay, too much info?

I just thought that it wasn't right to feel that stomachache all the time and end up having such Ended up I always feared taking it if I had any early class the next day.

At the end of the 14 days, I really did not notice any reduction to my weight, or any reduction to the inches at my waist. But I've also got to admit that I did not do much exercise during this 14 days, like what they had suggested, so that might have contributed to the lack of results as well.

I won't be purchasing the 28 day pack anymore because I really think that the results were not evident for me.

Maybe my body wasn't suited for the tea and it really worked for others, but I just thought that I'll provide an honest alternative review since the reviews out there kind of made Skinny Mint out to be some super, all-powerful tea that could give you that hot summer bod in an instant.

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