Sunday, 16 June 2013

Seafood @ JB part 2 + Meldrum Walk near City Square

Continuing from our previous JB food trip, we went back to JB again on Friday because I had to replenish my contact lens supply.

The place is called Hiang Kee restoran, it kind of looks like our coffee shops selling tze char. The place is at Taman Sri Tebrau and is very near the checkpoint, only about 5 - 10 minuted by cab from City Square. The cab there cost us RM8 withou meter and RM5.40 with meter for the trip back. We wanted to walk out and take a bus back to City Square like how we usually do but we forgot to save our change for the bus ride.

Ordered salted egg crab this time round. Really love crab but always don't know how to eat. Hahaha. The only part that I don't have trouble eating is the pincer. But K was nice enough to peel off the shell for me so that it's easier for me to eat. <3 ^^

 Ordered cereal crayfish also. So meaty and so shiok. And the cereal was really nice too. Would have went really well with rice, but then we didn't order any rice cos we didn't want to waste stomach space.

Ordered bean lala this time round. But I think I still prefer steam la la, too bad K doesn't eat. Why so picky about food one leh

But the la la this time round was so small, almost feel like I couldn't taste anything. In the end K finished most of the dish.

 The aunty also kept telling us to try their specialty 'gong mian', which is just fried bee hoon what. But it was still very good.

 And my absolute favourite of the day - cheese prawn. Each prawn was so well coated with cheese, and not in a sickening way. It was so good that I even ate the shell for some of them. I really love love LOVE this dish!! ^^

The meal came up to RM160.80 inclusive of 3 lime juices and 3 fried man tou. We changed our ringgit at a rate of 2.45 so the whole meal only cost $65.60 approximately. Damn cheap considering how much we ate, the two of us finished all those can you imagine. 

After our movie, we went to try out the food at Meldrum Walk nearby City Square. Got to know about the place randomly while googling. Saw it from johorkaki's blog and decided to give it a try, venture out from our usual food haunts. Here are the coordinates.

It was surprisingly empty for a Friday night. Reading johorkaki's blog gave me the impression that it was going to be bustling with people, a bit like Bangkok's food streets. We went there around 8 but it was quite empty, some of the stalls were also closed. 
I underestimated the size of the food street. Hahaha. Thought it'll only be like one backlane of food, but it was actually a very very long street, separated into Chinese food, Malay food and Indian food. 

We went to the Chinese food section.

RM6 for a small size plate of orh jian. Don't really like raw food so ended up eating most of the egg only. 

RM4 for a plate of Wanton Mee. 

Stir-fried vege at RM7.

RM9 for one chicken wing and 2 huge ass chicken drumsticks.

Maybe because we were still quite full from lunch, but the food were not as good as I expected. The orh jian, the wanton mee and the vege were all mediocre and nothing memorable.

But the chicken was really ultimate shioks. It was very tender and juicy, with a hint of smoky taste at the same time.

Another must try is their soya milk, they put honey inside to sweeten the soya milk and it was damn refreshing and nice.

Can't wait to go back next week for more seafood + chicken drumsticks + soya milk.

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