Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Bangkok Day 4 & 5 (Chatuchak)!! :D

Finally, my most awaited day for the trip. I've been to Bangkok before, but not on weekends so I didn't have a chance to check out the famous JJ market. And now I've finally managed to.

Went down to Chatuchak early in the morning for breakfast. The taxi drivers were really out to scam people since everybody is making their way there, quoting us skyhigh prices.

We finally managed to find a taxi driver who was willing to get us there for 100 baht, but he only told us that we have to visit some tourist centre to get that price, since by fetching us there he can get a coupon for petrol.

I was so paranoid the whole way through because of all the horror stories that I've read online, but it turned out fine. The place was really nice in fact, and we actually got to see how gold rings were made and all. Didn't buy anything and nobody made a fuss.

 The coconut ice cream is mad good, it's a must try at Chatuchak really. So refreshing, and it came with a cup of ice cold coconut juice. You totally need that after walking around and getting yourself dehydrated.

Okay, not much pictures of clothes because we were too busy shopping.

 I love these tanks! They come in so many designs and colours, and are so damn comfy. And guess what! They're only 80 baht each, which is like SGD3? Damn worth it, and it has made dressing for school so much easier because they go well with jeans, shorts, skirts, cardigans, jackets, like basically everything. I bought like 5 of these, and now I'm wishing that I actually grabbed more.

And after we got tired of walking around endless shops, we went to the pets section. I don't know how they do it, but somehow the animals they breed are all damn cute. I just feel like bringing down home and smothering them with love. But that said, I still don't approve of what they're doing.

If you noticed, all the pets there are damn young, and it makes you wonder what they actually do with the older ones that they didn't manage to sell.

There was even a dead puppy in one of the cages, and another puppy was like nudging it non-stop with its head, trying to wake it up.

My heart is breaking just thinking about it. :(

This has got to be one of the sharpest dog pictures that I took because they didn't allow photography.

 One of my best buys at Chatuchak were two white shirts. The whole shop was having this promotion 2 pieces for 150baht and you can see people going crazy trying to snatch things and all. But the stuff were quite nice and they're really worth more than what you're paying I must say.

Word of caution. Please please please wash all your clothes (colours, whites, denims) separately because the colours ran like hell and some of my purchases were damaged before I even had a chance to wear them out. :(

Two places that I really wanted to visit but didn't get a chance to were the flower market and the Rod Fai Train market.

The flower market is part of the bicycle trail that we wanted to take part in initially, but it was like 40USD per person, and we didn't think it was worth it. Wanted to go there on our own, but seems like it isn't a very common tourist area, and the taxi drivers couldn't understand us.

The Rod Fai market is supposed to be a very famous night market among the locals because it's full of good food and vintage items. It's walking distance from Chatuchak, and I actually wanted to go there at night after we're done with our shopping at Chatuchak. But unfortunately our bag was soooooo full and heavy, and we were just so tired and sticky and dehydrated and burnt out, that we decided to head back to the hotel instead.

The next time though, I'd really like to visit these two places.

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