Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Bangkok 2013 Day 3!! :D

Woke up early again from a fresh new day.

This is how it'll look like walking out from KC Place Hotel to Platinum Mall.

We had our breakfast at Platinum Mall. I really like their Phad Thai (with lots of peanuts of course :D).

And then we made our way to Siam Paragon for the 4D show. Siam Paragon is about 15-20 minutes walking distance from Platinum Mall.

 Super sweet and nice pineapples at only 10baht for a bag.

 The 4D show is priced at 500baht for the centre seats and 400baht for the ones at the side. Pretty pricey but where else can you watch 4D movies right.

 The show was really worth it, with the jerky chairs and the smell and all the visual effects. My only complaint was that the chair wasn't really comfortable. Hahaha.

We took the BTS down to Terminal 21 after the movie. The BTS is just like our MRT, super convenient. Just take to Asok station and Terminal 21 is right outside.

But honestly, Terminal 21 is not worth going to unless you've got too much time to spare. The place is just another shopping centre without identity, and there wasn't anything actually impressive about the place other than the unique concept of a different country on each floor.

And the things here are not cheap either, you can probably find similar stuff at a cheaper price elsewhere, or just find the shop itself in other places.

We were so bored we left the place after like 20 minutes, so basically we just went there to use their toilet. -.-

And yes! Because we're ahead of schedule, we managed to visit Asiatique. The easiest way to get to Asiatique would be to take the BTS to Saphan Thaksin station and then take the free ferry ride from there. Just follow the sign boards to get to the pier.

Asiatique is smaller than what I expected and it's quite touristy as well. But that said, the prices are still quite wallet friendly.

And they have Madame H Handmade shoes there! *screams and squeals in delight*. Totally don't have to head down to the main branch just to check out their shoes. Omg their shoes are mad nice and comfy how I wish I'm a heels person so I can just live happily ever after with their shoes.

Headed back to the hotel area for dinner.

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