Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Bangkok 2013 Day 2!! :D

Went back to the wanton mee stall for breakfast, and this time we tried the soup version.

And then it's back to Platinum Mall! :D

 Super nice heels, too bad I don't really wear them.


 I really liked the clocks, hence the many pictures. But they were so expensive. :(

I know many people said the massage beside the hotel was good, but there are better places. It wasn't unsatisfactory, it's just that it wasn't as good as we expected, and the masseurs kept talking throughout so it was a bit irritating. The rooms were also really simple and cold.

You can go one lane forward and there are several massage places there. All the price were the same though. We picked this because the deco looked nice. Haha. But it was a fantastic choice since the massage was really good. Plus you get free wifi.

Went to Union Mall next. This place is really different from Platinum. In Platinum, speaking English is the norm but over here, most of the shopkeepers don't speak English, so you'll have to rely on calculators and all.

Went back to the hotel area for some street food dinner. You can't go wrong with street food.

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