Thursday, 4 September 2014

So..K finally popped the question

I'm officially engaged!

He popped the question during our third year anniversary. I wasn't expecting it to be so early, but oh well, pleasant surprise! :D

We went to Morton's for dinner that night. I have no idea why but I was feel out of place at such restaurants.

It was a weekday but the place was packed. Didn't know there were so many rich people around. i mean, Morton's isn't dinner that you can simply afford everyday but the people looked real at home there.

Gigantic piece of bread. None of that thinly-sliced nonsense. okay I kid. But the bread here is seriously huge. You can like, make a meal out of it.

$90 seafood chilled platter. I got a shock when K ordered this because come on, there's like 8 or 9 pieces of food so basically you're paying $10 per bite. But to be honest it was really good la, you can tell the seafood was really fresh and the prawn...omg the succulent.

T-bone steak. Ok la the picture isn't very well-taken because the lighting is really dim. But you can see how juicy that piece of meat is. And it was huge so we had to share it. I'm not really a fan of steaks but even I had to admit that Morton's is really doing something right.

Mashed fries pancake, or something like that. By the time this thing came we were so full we couldn't even finish it and had to cancel dessert. This seem mediocre compared to the steak and the seafood platter, but on its own it's actually quite nice I guess. But quite overpriced at $25. And we fed like half of this to Haha (our dog, sort of) so Haha had a really good and expensive supper.

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