Tuesday, 2 September 2014

How my kindle almost drowned...and lived to see the day (partially)

I can't remember doing anything this dumb for a long time now. Whatever mistakes I've made really paled in comparison to the recent saga.

I brought my kindle with me on an overseas trip and kept it in this secret compartment that my bag has. Because you know, I was so scared that it will get stolen.

When I returned from the trip, I took out everything from the bag (or so I thought) and promptly sent the bag for washing. 15 minutes into the wash cycle, I realized that my precious kindle was still somewhere in the bag, and I panicked.

By the time I managed to get it out, it was soaking wet. The screen was still on but my heart kind of just shrivelled up looking at the drenched kindle. My kindle is still pretty new, only about 3 months old and practically a baby by age.

So I did the next best thing I knew, I googled the internet. After reading through pages of info, I decided to try the rice trick. I zipped it up with some uncooked rice and left it there for a week.

And lo and behold, it actually worked! It didn't respond when I pressed the button and I thought it was a gone case already. But I plugged it in for charging and it reset itself and now it's working like before.


The battery life has been seriously affected though. It used to last me 3 to 4 weeks even with heavy reading, now it lasts about a week maximum.

I'm a bit bummed out by this but hey, the bright side is that I still have a working kindle right.

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