Wednesday, 11 September 2013

[Review] Kéring Skin

I received a pleasant surprise last week when Subrina, the founder and relationship manager of Kéring Skin, invited me down for a complimentary facial session

Kéring Skin is easily accessible because it's conveniently located in town, right next to Shaw Orchard, so you can just pop by after your shopping or after work, and it wouldn't be disruptive to your schedule. One good thing is that despite being located centrally, it's not right smack in the middle of a shopping centre so you can feel safe baring your make-up free face without being scared that you'll run into your friends or co-workers, or worse still, your crush. Hahaha.

I really liked the interior design of the place. They played up on white as the colour theme and it gave a very clean and minimalistic image. 

Fresh warm towels and hot red date tea were provided before the consultation. I was quite impressed because I've been to numerous facial salons and Kéring Skin was the first to offer warm towels for customers to refresh themselves and wipe their hands. it was a very simple but nice gesture, and you could tell that they really spent a lot of effort in providing a welcoming environment.

This is the machine that they used to perform the skinmap analysis, and as you can see, it's different from the traditional probing kind of machine. Was telling K about this after my facial and he mentioned that this is what is currently used in Korea as well. It is the preferred method nowadays as it can easily do a whole-face scan instead of just an area-scan.

The machine analyses your skin according to  6 different areas, which are sebum, wrinkle, pore, pigment, elasticity and moisture. And as you can see, I failed almost every one of them. I mean, I know my skin isn't really that good because I'm a very lazy person and I usually don't take care of my face, but the strength of numbers really gave me a good wake up call. 

Kelly, who was my aesthetician, did a very thorough job of explaining my problem areas and the corrective steps that I should take. She used a lot of simple terms and real life examples that I could really relate to. Like for example, she compared the necessity of doing masks to how we need to constantly charge our phones to replenish its energy.

Another plus point for Kéring Skin was that they provided a plastic container for the safekeeping of jewellery, a very thoughtful gesture so that you won't misplace your jewellery and accessories during the treatment.

Kéring Skin uses the line of products by Dr Renaud, which is a leading brand in dermatology and aesthetics established in France since 1947. Unlike other facial salons, you get a customised set of products for every session of your facial, so you can be rest assured that you're not sharing tubs and creams with other customers, which can be quite unhygienic.

On the whole, although the facial was complimentary, courtesy of Kéring Skin, I would unbiasedly say that it was a very positive experience. I felt very welcomed and well taken care of. Because the staff were so knowledgeable and professional, I had faith that I was in good hands. The facial treatment was very relaxing and my skin felt smooth afterwards. Kéring Skin is definitely a salon that I will go back to in future.   

Facial Promotion

For readers of smellypompom, simply quote 'charlene' and you will be entitled to the following facial promotions.

1. $28 for a 45 minutes express facial with a 4-step regime: personalized consultation, SkinMap Analysis, X-press Glow Treatment and beauty coaching.

2. Instead of the usual trial price of $68 per person, you get to bring a friend along for free! Quote 'charlene' and you will be entitled to a 1-for-1 $68 trial! Treat a loved one to a pampering session now. :)

For convenience of customers, bookings can be done online, through email or hotline 6737 7797.

360 Orchard Road, #07-07A 
International Building
Singapore 238869

+(65) 6737 7797 

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