Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Kite flying at Marina Barrage

K and I took advantage of the fantastic weather and headed to Marina Barrage for another kite flying session some time back.

Little did we know, it was really crowded that day because NTUC income was having an event there as well.

Lucky Marina Barrage is quite big.

Kites nowadays are getting so high tech. Instead of the flat surface ones, you have those like balloons, shaped into dragons, cartoon characters and the like. There's also the ones controlled with two hands, the ones floating in a trail, the ones with hollow centres. How do people even come up with such ideas.

One section was cordoned off for the NTUC income event, but they ended around 4 plus, that's why we managed to take pictures of the display.

Marina Barrage is really a family-friendly place I feel. What's more, it's so convenient and accessible now with the circle line. It gives off a really cosy and happy vibe. And the scenery is just amazingly beautiful.

Singapore doesn't really have much green spaces left and places like Marina Barrage just makes me all the more grateful.

We walked back to the Marina Bay Sands area using the linked pedestrian walk way. This is Gardens by the Bay, situated along the pedestrian walk. There were so many people roller blading or walking their dogs. I also want leh.

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