Thursday, 4 July 2013

SOSD Adoption Drive @ Cornerstone, Bishan Park (30 June 2013)

We finally went to SOSD's Adoption Drive at Cornerstone Bishan Park last Sunday.

I've been wanting to go for like, forever, but I always had things that clashed with it. The last time they had the adoption drive, I was overseas.

I think the last time I went to Bishan Park was like, for some sports event in my secondary school, that's like 6 or 7 years ago. Bishan Park changed really really a lot, it's so peaceful and green and serene now. And it's so dog-friendly it feels like a doggie paradise.

We had a hard time finding Cornerstone but finally managed to. 

 This is Rusty. He's so fluffy and furry and soft I really wanted to bring him home right there and then.

So many people were there! They had a special section cordoned off for puppies and it was like the most popular area. So we opted to look at some of the other more adult dogs.

This is Patch. She's named that because she has a tiny patch of white on her back, and she's wearing white socks (figuratively la of course :D)

Patch was really cute. but it was like she can't stay still. Hahaha. See how hard a time K was having trying to catch up with her.

We also spent some time with Bambi. She's really smart, she knows so many tricks and she walks on leash damn well. I went for a jog with her and she was so focused. I felt so blissful and energetic running with her by my side.

I really want a dog leh. Can't wait to get my own house so that I can finally keep one.

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