Friday, 28 June 2013

My new additions to my shoes family

 My recent shoe purchases!

The blue flip-flops at the back are from JB City Square. Bought them at crocs. Yeah I know, I used to say crocs shoes are very ugly. Some of them still are, but I thought that the flip-flops were okay. They are mad comfy, like, a thousand times more comfy than my havaianas. It was 69 ringgit, which amounts to S$28+ I think. Quite worth it.

The pink havaianas were from the recent havaianas sale. They had very limited sizes though. Mine was the cheapest on offer at only $20. I really don't get why havaianas are so expensive though.

The blue and yellow pair, and the pink pair were bought from Bugis Village. The shop is located on the second floor right next to the escalator and the toilet. They have really really nice shoes, and I really like them because they're not the common ones you see everywhere in Bugis Village. But then, they were quite expensive (about $30 for the blue and $40 for the pink) and the quality is really lousy. I've only wore the pink one out three times for a short period of time and the base is already wearing away, so I don't think I'll be getting any more shoes from there alr.

Bought these two pairs of shoes from Guangzhou. They were quite expensive ($50 for the sandals and $90 for the white one) but the quality is really really good.

But I've been spending so much money recently I feel so sad for my empty wallet. :(

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