Wednesday, 26 June 2013

I've finally laid my hands on a Samsung galaxy mega 6.3

So, I've finally bought my Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 on Monday.

I was contemplating between the Samsung mega 6.3 and the upcoming Note 3 that is supposedly due in September, but I decided that I didn't want to wait that long (it'll probably be available in Singapore from only October or November onwards).

And oh boy, what a happening night we had.

K and I went to Kasia Mobile at around 8pm. Confirmed that they did not take cash and went on to the POSB ATM right next door to make my withdrawals.

But to my horror, my debit card wasn't working. Like, it just went in and came out again, and it gave me a fright la. Thought my card has been secretly replaced or something. Spent another 10 minutes talking to the CSO, went to Kasia Mobile to explain the situation, rushed down to the POSB branch at Peninsula Plaza (which closes at 8.30pm), queued for what seems like forever, got a replacement card, and then rushed back to Kasia.

OMG it was a nightmare. Feels like I was on a nightmarish amazing race.

But anyway, I got the last piece of the white mega. They were not giving free gifts anymore but at a price of $660 I wasn't complaining. The second cheapest option I could find was HTI Mobile at $680. And they were giving away free car cradle and charger, which is useless for me since I don't have a car and neither does K.

So anyway, I've been using the phone for two days now and so far I quite like it.

Of course, a lot of stuff are completely different from the apple system and I had to spend so much time trying to figure things out, but on the whole, I very much prefer this over my dying iPhone 4S. In fact, when I stare back at my iPhone now, the screen appears so small in comparison it almost feels like a toy.

I really like the huge-ass screen, it makes reading a breeze because everything's bigger. The touch screen is also really sensitive and not any lousier than the iPhone's. I'm still getting used to living without the assistive touch though. There are alike apps for download on the play store but it just feels weird so I decided to do without it.

The processor is supposedly slower than the Note 2, which K is using, but I didn't notice any significant difference. That may be because I don't play any games though.

One thing that I really miss about the iPhone is its autocorrect. You know how people always make fun of it because it sometimes over-compensates and autocorrects what you're trying to say to ridiculous words, but once it's gone, you realize how much convenience it brought. I'm always misspelling words now because I seem to be pressing the wrong keys all the time, so I actually took longer to compose messages now.

And there are always apps running in the background that I didn't open. They're just there no matter how I try to close them. I haven't figured out yet.

There's also a slight heating issue right below where the camera is, but then I also experienced this with my iPhone so it's not a big issue.

Actually what bothered me the most was the lack of choice of accessories for the Samsung mega 6.3. There are not many choices to pick from and I don't want to end up with a ugly casing. I wanted to buy a temporary one but even the ugliest cheapest cover costs like $25, which is a total rip off la. So I've decided to just use my phone naked until the one I ordered online arrives.

Anyway this is the case that I bought on eBay, quite nice right? Only $16 some more. Hopefully it'll reach Singapore soon and it'll be a good fit for my phone.

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