Saturday, 22 June 2013

The haze is driving me crazy

The haze is seriously driving me crazy.

I've seriously never encountered a haze as bad as this one before.

I look out of my window, and I feel like I'm in a sandstorm or something. It just feels so depressing. I've kept all my windows and doors shut, and it does help to keep out the smell to some extent, but the microbes or whatever is just too damn hard to keep out.

My eyes itch and tear, my nose feels like it's in pain and my throat just feels all stuck together.

On the rare occasion that I do leave my room, the smell just hits you in the face once you open that door.

The PSI is just crazy high now. And the thing is, what gets reported may not even be the true figure because it's supposed to a 3-hour reading.

The 100 plus range is supposed to already be unhealthy, but now it's like, your heart does this little dance of joy whenever it hits that range because it's already considered very low compared to what is happening this feel days.

To make matters worse, the shops have all ran out of air purifiers and the N95 masks. It kind of feels like the end of the world is coming actually, because even the Samsung Mega 6.3 was out of stock when I went to enquire yesterday.

You see so much profiteering acts coming out during this period of time. A box of 20 masks used to go for around SGD20 I heard, but now it's going for exorbitant prices of up to SGD100 per box. And the justification these people give are that, if they don't do that, other people will just buy over what is left of the stock to sell at even crazier prices. But this shouldn't be what is happening right? Where is the humanity? Shouldn't this be the time where you're more compassionate and not hog stuff, especially when you know so many people are waiting for it.

I just read that the government is bringing in another 1.5 million of the N95 masks that they've stockpiled out of the 9 million. And the first thought that comes to mind is, why ONLY 1.5 million. That's not going to be enough to go around for sure.

So I've just bought the masks and a Honeywell 50150-N air purifier off Amazon because I'm so tired of waiting and the jacking up of prices. And  I'm expecting that the earliest it'll reach here is next Friday or next next week. Part of me cringes when I think of how much I have to pay for the stuff. I mean, the expedited shipping itself already cost as much as the air purifier. And what if by the time it gets shipped here the haze is over.

But the other part of me also worries that if I don't do that now, and the haze lasts until September or even October like what the ministers say it might, then I'm going to be dead.

I was also worried that even the Amazon ones are going to be gone if I wait any longer because I can see the number of in stocks decreasing. It's like, you never know the importance of such stuff until you desperately need it and can't find it.

I can't even sleep properly because it's that uncomfortable for my nose. If only my Honeywell and N95 masks can apparate or teleport themselves.

It's really times like this that makes me appreciate the fresh air that we usually have.

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