Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Singapore Really Really Free Market

Besides the SOSD Adoption Drive on 30 June, we also went to the Singapore Really Really Free Market at Eurasian Community House.

The Singapore Really Really Free Market is a market where everything is free. All goods and services are shared free and nothing is for sale.

It was actually quite near Katong, but K and I stupidly followed the google maps and ended up walking all the way from Paya Lebar MRT. It was so far omg. There were people selling vegetables in the back alleys, dubious houses and the like, and the whole walk felt so surreal because it kind of felt like we were overseas.

the scale of the event was much smaller than what I had expected. I kind of expected it to be more like the (paying) fleas that I used to frequent. But this was more of a cosy affair held just in the hall itself.

There were free ukelele lessons.

And Japanese lessons.

And free doodles.
And tarot card reading.

And games! We were supposed to play a cotton ball through some set obstacles.

They even had a meditation booth. Imagine that.

And we went for the 2-mins free massage, which actually turned out to be pretty good!


  1. Good evening! I'm the Tarot Card Reader in the photo and I will like use the photo you'd taken on my own blog.

    I couldn't find a contact email so I thought of leaving a message here.

    Thank you so much!

  2. Hi Ser Ming,

    Go ahead! Thanks for asking :)