Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Review: NUS GE3204 - Cities And Regions: Planning For Change

GE3204 - Cities And Regions: Planning For Change

10% Class participation
10% Class Quiz
30% Project
50% Closed-book Finals

The module was taught by Dr Sheela Prasad, I think she's a visiting prof.

My opinion may be biased, but I really really hated this mod. This mod made me feel as if I was back in primary school.

First off, for class participation, Dr Prasad made it such that we each have to speak for at least 5 minutes at least, every single tutorial. I really don't get the rationale, because how can you expect something original and thoughtful on the same topic with like 20 plus people speaking, there's bound to be repetitions. 

The class quiz was fill in the blanks, so primary school omg. This means that there is no way you can smoke through, there are no multiple choices to increase the probability of you getting the question right. If you don't know the answer, if you don't know one out of the two or three words, there goes your mark. And to top it off, you have to go see her in her office to get your marks. 

On top of all of that, maybe because she is a visiting prof, she does things very differently from the usual profs, and her instructions were often unclear (at least to me la). Had such a hard time figuring what she wants for the project, and even then it was too broad to fit into the 3000-4000 words she assigned. And when you have to fit so much things into one single report, you have to sacrifice a lot on depth.

This was just one tedious mod, and I didn't like the way things were done. 

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