Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Review: NUS GEK2005 Introduction to Urban Planning

GEK2005 Introduction to Urban Planning

15% Class Participation
20% Tutorial Participation (2x)
15% Group project
50% Open-book Finals

This modules is taught by Dr Ng Siau Yong. Took this thinking that it's very similar to my human geog mods, but it became more technical in the end. But there were a lot, a lot of geog majors in this mod.

The workload is quite heavy for a GEM mod, with two presentations (10% each) and a group project. These are not things that you can finish in a day, but required some research and thinking.

The class participation part is especially important. This is one of those mods where you get a tick for every time you speak, so the more you speak the more ticks on the file. But then because of that you also get quite a lot of people talking for the sake of talking, with nothing substantial to contribute.

This mod was my worst mod this sem, and to top it off I don't have anymore S/U left.  :\  Not that it was particularly difficult, but I think the competition was very intense so the bell curve may have been very steep.

But on the whole it was still worth it I think. I really enjoyed taking this module and Dr Ng was damn entertaining throughout. This is one module where you shouldn't skip the lectures because he was that hilarious.

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