Friday, 4 January 2013

What happens when the fireworks are gone?

The initial stages of the relationship is the sweetest isn't it?

That time when you first start developing feelings towards each other, when you're unsure about how the other person feels, what the other person wants. Then comes the time of courtship, the young innocent love that just starts to blossom between two hearts. Then the passionate overwhelming warmth that lifts you off your feet and hand over your heart willingly, unable to think twice.

But what happens after that? The magic doesn't last forever. The instant quickening of the heart beat doesn't last forever. The I-can't-think-of-anything-but-you thoughts that runs wild in your head doesn't last forever.

So, what happens after?

When you've settled into a more comfortable rhythm; when you've grown accustomed to each other so much so that the person is no longer as special; when everything becomes normalized and naturalized; when you've gone from the I'm-so-crazy-about-you and everything-is-about you stage to the you-should-be-more-understanding stage;

What happens?

I find myself wondering about this a lot lately, missing that special feeling. I want to feel important, desired, sought after. But all that goes away as the relationship progresses, doesn't it? Maybe it's because I'm sick. Maybe when you're sick all the insecurities starts to grow and nibble at you. Maybe when you're sick you just want someone there to hug you, to pamper you, to take care of you, to make you well. And even if they can't, they'll just stay beside you. But instead, you're expected to be independent, to be understanding, to be reasonable, to be more like an adult.

What's so nice about being adult-ish anyway?

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