Thursday, 27 December 2012

more food from Saveur @ Purvis Street

Because Saveur is just damn nice, I brought K there to try it like just a few days after I had my dinner there.

We ordered a few other items besides the famous duck confit.

This is the chicken dish. I would say that it's pretty good, but totally pales in comparison to the duck.

Saveur's pasta. I didn't like this. I found it quite tasteless and I'm very particular about how I like my pasta.

Saveur's homemade soup. I really liked this though. I think it's mushroom soup if I'm not wrong. In fact, I'm quite sure that I'm right. But K says it's not. So oh well. But this was just the right amount of creamy, doesn't make you sick but leaves you wanting for more. I almost mistook it for coffee when it first arrived though.

My first trip to Saveur can be found here.

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