Thursday, 27 December 2012

Seafood @ JB

We finally went to JB for a much anticipated seafood dinner today. NUS gave us a nice boxing day present by returning our results, and surprisingly I did quite well, even passed GIS which I thought I'll surely fail.

Any excuse is a good excuse when it comes to food right. ^^

Tutti Frutti before our movie. I really like frozen yoghurt! But why are they so expensive! *must take the chance to nom nom nom them since they're so cheap in JB*

So after our movie (Les Miserables sucked btw), we finally made our way to our usual JB seafood haunt.

There's not much service to speak of here, and the place is definitely low on atmosphere, but they have one of the best value for money and oh-so-delicious seafood that I have tried.

K is on my back again. Forever asking me to eat vegetables. So we ordered the garlic sprouts thing. I don't usually like this dish, feel like they're very hard to chew, but this one tasted quite alright I guess.

Prawn omelette! I really like prawn omelettes I don't know why. Yes I know they're just prawns fried with egg, but somehow they taste really nice leh!

But I would have preferred if they used bigger crunchier prawns instead. The prawns here were so small I couldn't really taste it.

Bottom line: stick with the seafood and you'll never go wrong.

 Butter crayfish! Om nom nom nom. The crispy butter melts in your mouth! So nice! :D

Cheese crab! They gave us two crabs this time round so it was more expensive. But it was a really big dish and so quite worth the money la. The cheese crab here is fantastic, especially for someone who cannot take chili like me.

Sour plum juice. For my poor throat battling K's bacteria.

And some more pictures from our previous seafood visits

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