Thursday, 27 December 2012

Din Tai Fung @ Wisma Atria

We went to town on Christmas for dinner, and settled for Din Tai Fung before our movie because Din Tai Fung just cannot go wrong right.

 Christmas tree outside ION.

Whenever we go to Din Tai Fung, our staple would be their dumpings in spicy oil (superrrrr good), the xiao long bao, and their pork chop fried rice.

But K wanted to 'be more adventurous', so we decided to try something new as well.

The prawn pancake thing at $9, tasted so similar to fishcake. If not for the visible prawn slices, I would have doubted if it really contained prawns.

The vegetable and minced pork bun ($1.30). K insisted on ordering this because the vege makes it healthy. But turned out it was more like a vege bun and totally tasteless. Lucky we only ordered one. I made K finished everything hehehe ^^

The minced pork bun (without veges!!!!) at $1.30 as well. This one tasted much better, but not very different from the kopitiam pao leh I feel. The skin tasted a bit different though, like more handmade, reminds me of the paos that my mommy makes.

Ending my post with a random picture of Orchard Road. They cordoned off a section of Scotts Road and had like performances there. Feels quite cool to walk in the middle of the road, but it was oh-so-crowded. *shudders*

Lesson of the day: don't be adventurous with food. Hahaha.

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