Wednesday, 26 December 2012

NUS GE3228 Geographies of Business Organisations [ Module Review ]

NUS GE3228 Geographies of Business Organisations is taught by Prog Godfrey Yeung. 

The assessment criteria is broken down into :

Tutorial presentation (10%) - You sign up for a slot to present a discussion of the readings, and an article that you're supposed to find. Oddly, tutorial attendance and participation is not taken into account, so you should really try your best to score for this.

Group project (30%) - We're supposed to do up a business proposal for a product of your choice that is supposed to be manufactured. Then you're supposed to critique whether it is feasible using current theories and case studies. This is the part where we stumbled a bit, because we weren't sure how a business proposal is supposed to look like and how much it should deviate from our usual geography report format. We were encouraged to team up with exchange students "for a fresh perspective", but honestly we ended up having to do most of the work ourselves, because they just have to pass anyway. The top two projects will get bonus points of 3% and 1% each.

Closed book final examination (60%) - You have to answer two questions, one in Section A and one in Section B. The percentage for this is quite high for a level 3000 module, so I'll say try to write as much and as coherent as you can because this will be your major determinant in your final grade. 

Prof Yeung is a very friendly and approachable prof, and really goes out of his way to explain things to you when you ask him a question. But sadly, I found his accent a tad hard to understand, so I ended up skipping 90% of the lectures anyway. The lecture notes were also too brief with too much abbreviations, so I'd say it works better if you just do the readings on your own.

The class is really small, with the majority of them being exchange students, and some from other faculties. I think you can count the number of local Geography students with two hands. There were only about 6 students for my tutorial slot, and I was the only local geog major there. But the exchange students are really outspoken and they tend to speak up a lot in class. Maybe it's because of the small class size, the tutorials tend to end after about an hour or so despite it being a two-hour tutorial (hooray for us!! : D  )

But end of the day, I'll say, just do this mod. The bell curve works in your benefits with so much exchange students there. 

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