Saturday, 5 January 2013

Overdoughs [Food Review]

We made our way to Overdoughs after dinner because of a friend's recommendation.

Overdoughs is a small take-away deli/bakery that specializes in pastries and breads, but they have a big rectangular table for sitting space as well if you want to have your desserts there.

The peach tart (2 pictures above) and the passionfruit tart (picture above) cost $5 each. It was quite nice when you first bite into it, the crust was a tad too hard for my liking, but the soft cold center complements the crust well. But as you can see from the pictures, the whip cream is a bit too much and too thick and it makes you sick after a while.

This is the lemon cake, also $5. I preferred this to the tarts because it wasn't as hard. It also comes with a runny center. Everything was quite nice on the first few bites, but it soon became a bit too sourish.

Maybe because we went after dinner and it was near closing time for them (we went around 7 plus), there weren't much stuff on display. Whatever was on display didn't look very appetizing as well, kind of like it's been left out for quite long. Plus the place was really reeeeeeeeeeeeeeally hot despite one small aircon and a fan. I was sweating buckets the whole time, which made the whole eating process quite uncomfortable.

I would say that the dessert here is okay, but nothing much to rave about, and the ambience didn't help. I might drop by again if I'm in the area, but definitely will not be making a purposeful trip down again. Also, taking out would probably be a smarter option.

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