Friday, 16 November 2012

Tried and Tested: FIL Skin, Body & Spa Intelligence

This is a very word-heavy post with little pictures because I just want to share my experience.

Went for a facial treatment trial at FIL Skin, Body & Spa Intelligence.

I went to the Ngee Ann City branch, but now they've moved to Plaza Singapura instead I think.

FIL Skin, Body & Spa Intelligence boasts several award winning facial treatments that will take your skin back to its heydays.

Some of FIL's more famous facial treatments are:

FIL Hyaluronic Concentrated Essence Face Therapy - Voted Best Hydrating Facial (STYLE, Aug 2011)An intensive hydrating treatment to help the skin maintain a youthful look, this facial is the skin’s ‘thirst quencher’ that gives an elastic lift, adds firmness and locks in moisture to dry skin. 
FIL Premium Gold Face Therapy - Voted Best New Facial (ELLE Beauty IT List, June 2011)A revolutionary therapy that boosts powerful anti-aging benefits, FIL’s Premium Gold Face Therapy delivers faster results as compared to other machines due to the gold-plated probe and the appliqué of a Miracle Gold Mask. 
FIL ReFirme Vibra-Lymph Face Therapy - Voted Best Firm and Contour Facial (Singapore Women’s Weekly, May 2011)A treatment that both firms and contours, this facial improves lymphatic circulation and smoothes out wrinkles for a firmer appearance by tightening and firming facial muscles, preventing aging and uplifts saggy skin by improving the permeability of skin for better nutrition absorption. 
FIL Young Anti-Aging Treatment - Voted Best Anti-aging Facial (Harpers Bazaar Spa Awards 2010)Attain soft, supple skin reminiscent of your glowing younger days with this treatment. The infusion of collagen and elastin into your skin plumps up your skin’s elasticity and eliminates the appearance of premature aging and dull complexions, reducing the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and crows’ feet.  
FIL Face/Neck Slimming/ Contouring Treatment - Voted Best Neck Reviver (Singapore Women’s Weekly, May 2008) & Voted Best Contouring Facial (Singapore Women’s Weekly, May 2009)Achieve a firm, contoured jaw line and neck. This treatment reduces fatty deposits around face and neck, helping to minimize double chins and tones saggy cheeks to attain an accentuated outlook. 
FIL Surgical Pulsed Light Skin Therapy - Voted Most Revolutionary Treatment (Harpers Bazaar, February 2009)A revolutionary treatment that stimulates the production of new cells and collagen to energize skin cells, minimize pores, compacts the epidermis and improves skin radiance. Blood circulation is also increased to regenerate tissue and combat skin aging. 
FIL Oxus-2 Face Therapy - Voted Most Revitalizing Facial (Parent’s World, September/October 2009)An advanced treatment that increases the metabolism rate of skin cells, this face therapy minimizes and tightens pores, reduces pigmentation, brightens skin and diminishes fines lines to lifts and contour saggy face shapes.

When you enter the shop, you'll be asked to fill up a form with your particulars and some of the concerns you want to address, like whether you're most concern with blemishes, dark eye circles and the like.

Then you'll be led into a consultation room where the consultant will ask you more questions on what kind of facial treatments you're looking for. I didn't really have any preferences and I wasn't sure which was more suitable so she recommended me the face contouring one.

A stylish aunty, probably in her 50s, was the one who did my facial for me. She did the normal routine, with cleansing, extractions eyebrow shaping and all. 

The most notable part was when she did the contouring massage. She did only half of my face first, and when you look into the mirror, you can actually see quite significant results. 

On the whole, I would say that the service and the facial treatments were really good. In fact, I would say that it is one of the best that I've been to.

But their packages are quite expensive. On my visit there, they were having some promotion for their facial packages, with $75 per treatment that can be used for other services like body and spa as well. But the catch is that you have to sign up for 30 sessions at one go. Being used to signing up for only 6 sessions, this was a realy shock to me, especially when you times $75 to 30 sessions. So I didn't get it in the end.

My concern with signing up for so many sessions is that, with some of my previous facial salons, it started off really good but then the service and quality just started going down after a while when you have paid fullyfor your package. So there wasn't anything you can do.

But if you have cash to spare, do go for  FIL Skin, Body & Spa Intelligence's trials and consider their packages. I would say that it is much more worth it if you plan to visit them for the long run because each individual session can cost up $300.

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