Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Review: Elva Beauty Palace

Disclaimer: This post is really word-heavy with very little pictures because I just want to share my experience. I paid for their packages and all comments are purely my own opinions.

I first got to know about Elva Beauty Palace through one of the online coupon sites, I can't remember which it was. I hadn't gone for facials for damn long and since this facial place was near where I stay, I decided to give it a try.

I think the coupon I got was $18 for a 90 minutes Guinot Paris facial session, but during the session they did ask me if  wanted to top up another $20 for an ampoule. I guess I kind of got carried along. Hahaha. I didn't try the one without the ampoule so I won't be in a position to tell you if the ampoule did actually make a difference or not.

So anyway, after the facial, they served me tea (which honestly was quite nice), and then told me about the different packages they had to offer. In the end, I ended up signing up for 6 sessions at $58 per session, inclusive of one ampoule per session.

I've finished all my 6 sessions with Elva Beauty Palace now, which is a relieve, because I feel that their services have been deteriorating over time. This may be due to the fact that they do have a lot more customers who joined them from the coupon websites, and also because they're expanding into other services that wasn't there when I first joined, like Brazilian IPL and manicures and stuff. So they weren't really that attentive anymore.

In the initial stages, I was really quite happy with the service that they were providing, I do see my face becoming super red right after the facial (and it'll last for 2 to 3 days), but then I also feel like the extractions were quite helpful in ridding all my blackheads. But then over time, the person that I always stick to, Amanda, kind of became more and more busy. So every time I was there, I had to wait quite a while before she could attend to me, or she'll leave the room halfway while doing my facial to attend to other stuff. Or her colleagues will come in and ask her stuff.

And there was once, another person just started on my facial claiming that she's just helping me to wash my face and Amanda will be coming soon. What a load of bullshit. She ended up completing the whole facial for me, and it wasn't a job well done either. I feel like my blackheads were not extracted much and the whole feel was just off, you know. Amanda did come in in the last part where she removes my final mask, then apologised saying that she's the only one who knew how to operate the Brazilian IPL machine. But man, that is totally not a valid excuse. I booked my slot a few days ago and they should have just told me if she didn't have an available slot right.

Now that all 6 sessions have been used up, I don't think I will be going back to Elva Beauty Palace anymore. They tried to ask me to sign up for new packages at a rate of $88 per session (omg $30 increase in price please), but for that price, I can totally go to somewhere better right. So nope, not going back there anymore until they decide to buck up on their service.

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