Friday, 9 November 2012

how to set microsoft office 2007 as default instead of 2010 when opening documents

I have both the Microsoft Office 2007 and the Microsoft Office 2010 trial (came installed) on my laptop. I've always been using the MO 2007 when I'm opening documents. But I couldn't get one of my excel files to open (not sure why there because I could actually open it before) so I tried to open it with the 2010 trial.

Lo and behold. Bad decision. By bad luck and clumsiness, I somehow set the default to Microsoft Office 2010 and it refused to let me open my files when I try to default it back to the 2007 version.

I tried googling how to reset Microsoft Office 2007 as the default instead of Microsoft Office 2010 and came across so many suggestions, but none seemed  to work until this really simple solution.

Here is what you've got to do.

To make Word 2007 as the default:

1. Open Word 2007

2. Click the Office Button

3. Click Word Options

4. Go to Resources

5. Click Diagnose under the run Microsoft Office Diagnostics

And...sit back and wait for the magic to happen! :)

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