Friday, 9 November 2012

Green Tea Eye Pads / Ice Cubes

This few weeks has been hell for me, with all the submission deadlines and the nearing examinations. I have been spending damn a lot of time in front of the computer trying to rush out all my reports and assignments and it has been taking a toll on me.

My eyes always feel really dry, I've tried putting eye drops but they help for like, 5 minutes, and then it's back to being a desert again. It gets really irritating and uncomfortable at times and I find myself squinting and frowning a lot to try to ease the discomfort.

So I've finally caved and made myself some cooling green tea eye pads to get rid of the dryness.

I used the Dilmah All Natural Green Tea with natural Jasmine Petals for this round of eye pads, but you can basically use any kind of green tea leaves. Of course it'll be better if it's organic still, but I'm not about to go out and get it just for this. 

I used two green tea sachets for this batch because I wanted it to be more concentrated. I might just use three the next time round though.

What you've got to do is fill up a cup (or any container) with hot/warm water, and leave it to steep for a while.

Did I say I love the smell? It's really fragrant and makes you feel refreshed just smelling it.

Dip your cotton pads into the mixture, squeeze some of the tea out so that it's not so watery, leave it in any container and put it into the fridge to chill.

I used a biscuit tin cover as you can see, because my dorm fridge is really small and this takes up the least space. 

I know some websites tell you to put it in the freezer but never never do that. It makes the green tea pads rock hard and it doesn't conform to your eye shapes nicely when you want to use it later on. Plus it makes it too chilled and then you won't be able to leave it on your eyes for too long because of the cold.

Besides relieving dryness, it also helps to minimize your puffy eyes and eye bags, talk about killing two birds with one stone right. :)

I made some green tea ice cubes as well because I had extra tea. You can actually use this on your face to reduce puffiness and brighten your skin tone. It really works wonders and the cold will make you feel exceptionally refreshed and awake. Especially in the mornings.

I made mine without toothpicks due to the space constraint of the fridge, but you can actually slot some toothpicks in after freezing them for a while (but before they are completely frozen) so that you can have a easier grip when using them.

One thing about this though, NEVER make too many at one go. I know tea smells wonderful when it's first made, but overnight tea has kind of like a weird smell to it. So it'll be better if you make new ones more regularly instead.

Try it and tell me if it works for you too! :)

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