Friday, 24 February 2012

Review: L'Oreal Youth Code Boosting Essence

Received a 10ml trial pack of the L'Oreal Youth Code Boosting Essence from Nuffnang for reviews. And here's mine!

Enriched with Pro-Gen Technology and Adenosine, the Youth Code Boosting Essence from L’Oreal Paris is supposed to boost the effectiveness of your skincare regime.
"Just 1 drop and your skin becomes brighter, smoother and softer instantly. At the same time, the essence increases your skin’s absorbing power so your current skincare works better. Yes, same products but TWICE the results! Be it anti-ageing, whitening or hydrating, your skin takes in active ingredients more efficiently. After a week of usage, your skin texture improves visibly. Regain the youthfulness and radiance in your skin in a month."

The trial pack that I received was in a small tube form, but the actual product comes in a dropper form. 
I really like the design of the dropper form because it'll make it so much easier to dispense the product and in the right amount.
The product's star ingredients are:

Pro-Gen™ Technology, or Biolysat (a product of fermented Bifidus bacterial) that increases the expression of recovery genes involved in cellular renewal.

Adenosine, long known to be a constitutive component of DNA, which slows the effects of ageing in skin.

HEPES (Hydroxy Ethyl Piperazine Ethane Sulfonic acid) which has a pro-exfoliating action, which improves absorption of active ingredients. 

Not sure if you can see the essence on my finger tip. But it's a clear slightly-sticky liquid. Doesn't have any smell and gets absorb really really fast. That's why I always end up using two drops instead of one, because the product kind of evaporates before I can cover my whole face.
The woes of having a big face. T.T
According to the instructions, you're supposed to use this on perfectly cleansed skin before your usual skincare routine. But I normally put it on after my toner and before my moisturizer and eye cream. I put on my toner with a cotton pad and if I use this before the toner I kind of feel like I'm wiping the essence away. -.- But do it whichever way works for you more! :)
So does this work?
I would say yes!
So instead of having to spend lots of money revamping your whole skincare line, just invest $39.90 and you can get X2 the effects!

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