Thursday, 23 February 2012

Review: CWC avery blazer, size S

CWC avery blazer in wine, size s

gave myself quite a scare because CWC gave me the wrong RA number, but finally received it!

I really like this blazer a lot and I would say its really value-for-money to me. Not sure whether the quality is good cos I dont really know how to look at materials, but judging from the cutting of it I'll say it's quite flattering. And the material is quite thin so very suitable for Singapore weather. I realized blazers with slightly puffed-up shoulders look nicer one me, like make me slimmer and all. The sleeves are a bit short though. Doesn't quite reach the wrist bones. But not a problem for me because I like to wear my blazers folded up anyway.

Now I'm contemplating whether to joing BO for the black one as well. 

Size S fits me quite well but since I'm not planning on buttoning it anyway, wondering if I should size down to a size XS.


  1. hey dear,
    u look fantastic in the blazer. what's ur ptp though? :) i'm wondering if i should get an s or an xs.

    1. Hey dear, I'm not very sure what my ptp is but I think it's around 14.5? :) i think getting one around your ptp will be fine if you're not planning on buttoning it up.