Saturday, 4 February 2012

Losing weight

Growing up, I was really really skinny. I was the kind of girl that can eat anything and everything and the weight just evaporates by itself. I had no worries about gaining weight or such. I could eat like buffets everyday and still stay skinny with a flat stomach and all ( of course the downside is that when you're skinny your boobs are smaller too ).

This was me, when I was like eight or nine I guess. Really skinny right! 

And then I went onto JC and joined cheerleading, and with all the crazy exercise regimes and physical training I even lost weight. That was the time I felt damn good about my body, I was skinny, I was toned.
That was also the time when I couldn't comprehend how anybody let themselves get fat, I mean, you would want to do something about it before you see yourself going from


I'm not saying that if you're bigger in size you cannot be beautiful too, I'm just saying nobody would want to see themselves progress horizontally so much without doing anything about it right.

Imagine the horrors when I enter uni, and started staying away from home. In a short span of like, 7 or 8 months I gained 7kg. 

For a person that never ever thought she could gain weight, this was really a call back to reality. I don't know if it is the oily suppers night after night, or the irregular sleeping habits (I habitually sleep around 4am), or the gorging on junk food and snacks and what nots that I would not have otherwise eaten at home, or just me being plainly too lazy to move my ass and exercise, or what, the weight was piling on damn fast. 

My tummy started forming, I could no longer wear my usual shorts because I just couldn't fit into them, I managed to fit in all my online purchases that used to be too big for me, I could no longer wear tight dresses without noticing unsightly bulges at all the wrong places.

It was like I grew fat by just breathing.

So this year, I decided to finally do something about it before it gets worse. I'm tired of meeting friends and have them go "oh did you gain weight?" or like "I can't see your jaw line anymore". Yes, I actually got that from a guy friend that I was quite closed to. I also had relatives laughing at my double chin and my thick waist.

And so I've been trying to exercise regularly. I mean, it would be good if I can actually lose some weight, but even if I can't and the weight maintains, at least I will look better with a more toned body right. And actually more than ever, I just want to be able to wear my pretty dresses again.

I did try to couple the exercising with also trying to eat less, especially carbo and stuff, but it left me with really bad food cravings, and I was just grouchy and easily irritable and also felt really tired even though I knew I had enough sleep. What can I say, I live for food.

So now I'm just sticking to a healthy diet, trying to eat more fruits and vegetables even though I hate them, trying to snack on yoghurt and milk instead of pineapple tarts or biscuits, trying to drink some healthy longan drink instead of my hot chocolates and things like that.

I also went on flowerpod to read about losing weight and came across this website. I'm not trying to advertise for them or anything, but just sharing that if you ever need any motivations you can look it up.

I was actually quite impressed with their website cos they have like this step-by-step videos on different kinds of training that you can adopt, be it in the gym or at home. And it doesn't look hard nor does it require much training equipment and all.

I tried searching online but other guides are either not comprehensive enough, or they advertise by asking you to buy this, eat that and it just doesn't suit my budget.

And, this website is free.

They recently posted up this 30 days work out with one video per day. According to the website, "You will complete 7 exercises for 50 seconds on with a 10 second rest in between each exercise." So it will only take like 7 minutes per day.

I'm going to try this on top of my usual running that I do at the gym, and hopefully I will persevere through!

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