Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Universal Studios Singapore (USS)

This is going to be a very very photo intensive post.

Went to Universal Studios (USS) to celebrate K's birthday in advance. He had been wanting to go for some time already but haven't had the chance to do so. So I thought his birthday would be a great opportunity.

 We took a tram from Vivocity. We wanted to try out the board walk at first but we reached there kind of behind schedule so we decided to take the faster way.

 Hershey's! Chocolates makes me happy! :)

So hard trying to capture all the words on the globe. 

There's all these really cool architecture that makes you feel like you're overseas and sets you in a really happy mood.

USS have a meet-and-greet session right after the gate opens so if you want to catch the characters in action you better arrive there early. They only allow a certain number of photographs.

On the way to the transformer ride. The 3-D effects were really really cool. I like! Much better than the cinema ones. 

We took the battlestar and almost died. And also because K insisted on sitting in the front row even though its our first time. I thought I could handle it but it was so damn freaking scary. And the whole time I just kept thinking about all the problems that the ride had initially and I was praying hard that nothing will happen. Haha. Of course nothing did la. 

I couldn't even walk properly afterward because my legs were wobbly. But we went back for more rounds afterwards.

Love his half smile! So damn cute and manly la!

Even the toilet also must decorate nicely.


You really must go early to enjoy the show. That way, you can sit in the centre and have a proper view, and also interact with the actors. We sat in the soak zone and really got trenched, even our underwears were wet. And the worse thing is that we didn't bring extra sets of clothes, so we were walking around with wet shorts and underwear the whole day.

This reminds me of Hairspray.

Then we went to Din Tai Fung for lunch. Keep your tickets so that you can enter again! And it's really better to have your lunch outside the park. The restaurants inside are all damn squeezy already you have to spend damn long waiting for a table, and the stuff is not cheap. So eating outside, paying the same price, you can eat at a more comfortable place with more alert service crews.

Look at the crowd!

Waiting for our 4D Shrek show.

The Jurassik water ride!

B-boy dance crew.

If you got time must really walk along the small alleys and take pictures! Although they look so insignificant from outside, they are actually damn cool. 

The best time to enjoy the rides would be right after the park is okay (10-12nn) and before it closes (after 6). Although they're supposed to close the park at 7, I see rides still operating even after 730pm. So I guess they're not really so strict on that. And by that time the park would have really emptied a lot so the waiting will drop from over an hour to just 5 to 10 minutes. And you can actually go for multiple times or enjoy different rides.

Although we went on a Monday, the park was still quite crowded. The most popular (even though they may not be the most fun) was the treetop/canopy flyer (not very sure of the exact name) and the Jurassic Rapids. The treetop flyer's waiting time went up to 120 mins whereas the Jurassic Rapids was 90 mins when the park was the most crowded. So if you don't want to wait, the express pass ($30) would be worth it I say. It really feels damn shiok when you see the long long longggggggg queues and you just cut right to the front. But then the downside about the pass is that it's limited to once per ride. I actually got a friend's friend to get me express tickets and those were slightly different. They were in slips of paper form instead of the usual card form so we could reuse those for the same rides. So if you have friends working there it may be a good idea trying to get your hands on those.

If you intend to go try googling for "wts USS tickets". I did that and I came across some people selling discounted tickets because they have connections with travel agencies and such, and I only paid $55 per ticket instead of the usual $68 for off-peak days. 

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