Thursday, 26 January 2012

Marina Barrage

We went to Marina Barrage on the spur of the moment because it was too early for dinner, but we couldn't think of anything that we wanted to do.

But I must say, getting to Marina Barrage is a really tedious journey. There's only two buses going into that area (a shuttle bus and bus 400) and each bus takes like half an hour to come. But I guess its worth it seeing how such nice open spaces are rare in Singapore, with an amazing view some more.

I don't think Marina Barrage needs much introduction, so I'm just going to let the pictures do the talking.

We bought a kite from the store downstairs because K is a kid at heart he always like to do childhood stuff. The kite costs $9 but on top of that you have to pay another $9 for the string thing. But we bought the beginner string set so it costs only $6.80. They didn't have the lion design anymore so we settled for this goldfish design with its weird colour combi.

But to our surprise the goldfish design did turn out quite nicely because you can really see the contrasting colours even though its so far away.

The wind was really really really really really strong that day. I was scared that our kite-flying plans will fail seeing how we're both noobs but it turns out to be quite an idiot-proof activity. The kite kinda just went up by itself and we had to really hold onto the string "turner" thing so that it wouldn't just fly away.

And girls, please tie up your hair if you're going there, you won't get any of those magazine-perfect wind-blown hair because the wind is really too strong. I had to literally hold my hair the whole time just to keep it from hitting my face/covering my eyes/entering my mouth. Looked like some crazy person totally.

There was a guy with a cool nemo fish thing and this isn't even the kite, I think this is what you attach to the string so that you can recognize your own. Since there are so many people flying kites there, tangled strings are quite common, and the strings are like almost invisible in the air so if you can't see it there's no way you can untangle it as well.

So proud of our kite la flew so far away.

There was a couple doing a wedding shoot there and they looked so sweet together, although the photographer was making them do funny stupid poses. I think candid shots would look so much nicer, they were pinching each other's cheeks and rubbing noses the whole time it would look better than jump shots and all imo.

Okay la I have to practice some more with my panorama mode, the pictures always come out so disjointed and all.

That's all!

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