Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Element, The Amara

K and I bought coupons from some deals website thinking that it's quite worth it for an international buffet with seafood at a hotel.

We were wrong.


The "restaurant" was located at the side of the lobby with no clear indication. We didn't even know that it was Element until we asked the counter staff for directions.

The place was separated into three parts, with one of them in plain view at the lobby. And we were seated there as the rest of the seats inside were filled already.

We forgot to print out the coupons and normally its alright to just give the coupon number right, but the guy at the door refused to let us in until the manager came over.

And the choices at the buffet were really limited.

The sashimi counter had only three choices available. And each slice was cut so thick it looked like bread.

The desserts counter looked loads more appealing but the taste did not match up to its looks. The more popular ones were gone quite fast but not readily replenished.

Seafood selection also very small, and wasn't that fresh. Tried like one of everything and stopped there. I know its meant to be raw and seafood smell is unavoidable but this is too lousy. I even had diarrhea after the dinner and I strongly suspect its the seafood.

Imagine having diarrhea outside on christmas. Total suay-ness.

This was limited to one per table and we had high hopes for it seeing how the rest of the food tasted really lousy. But no, our hopes were dashed too. It was slightly burnt and had a bitter after taste.

The only things that were acceptable that night was the water-diluted coke and the ice cream.

Some more no log cake.

Seriously, we really regretted going there and would never, ever return again. It wasn't worth the $50+ per person at all.

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