Tuesday, 27 December 2011


Came back from holidays just in time for Christmas eve. And K planned our dinner to Arteastiq.

I really like the ambience of the place. The whole cafe was very brightly lit and felt really cosy and happy.

They even had this extension section where you can conduct mass painting sessions or something. Perfect for company events and bonding sessions.

We were seated at the inner part of the cafe and had window seats. But I would prefer it if the window seats were shifted 90 degrees so that we actually can see the outside of the window. Feel like the nice street view is just wasted like that.

They had a christmas dinner set for 2 so we ordered that.

The cups and jar used to hold the tea was really cute, and the tea tasted quite nice as well. Very refreshing and not overly sweet. I would love to have a tea set like this at home.

Mushroom soup in a cup. That's really the name of the soup I kid you not. The serving was a bit small too imo. I'm a fan of mushroom soups but this one did not make the bar. The soup wasn't creamy, the first few sips tasted quite alright but soon the taste of the pepper became too overpowering and spicy. And the pepper wasn't even added by us.

I had the steak and K had the Bikini Babe, which is pork with pineapple sauce I think. Both were alright, acceptable but lacked the wow effect.

Somehow the salad came after the main course, but I really liked the smoked salmon. We left the greens relatively untouched but the smoked salmon made up for it.

The dinner was good mostly because of the ambiance. I really like the cosy and intimate settings, and the seats were private enough so you don't feel as if your neighbouring tables can clearly hear your conversations. The food is okay, but nothing to rave about.

I would come back here again if I'm looking for a place to chill or somewhere to have afternoon tea with friends.

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