Saturday, 15 July 2017

Epilasik Surgery at Eagle Eye Centre

9 months post-surgery update

It's been about 9 months since I've had my epilasik done at Eagle Eye Centre.

Side effects: 
No glare, starburst experienced so far. Night vision is just as good as day. Have no problem driving in the dark.

Dry eyes wise, I have the good and bad days. All the good days, I only need to put in eye drops the moment I wake up, rest of the day I can go without. On the bad days when I feel like my eyes are very dry, there's a slight burning sensation in the eyeball and I would have to apply eye drops every half an hour. I'm still using the vial eye drops most of the time, but I also alternate it with the tears naturale bottle.

Dry eyes is the most obvious when I wake up in the morning. It feels very uncomfortable until I've put eye drops, especially when I sleep without the humidifier.

Vision is okay so far. No significant changes but there is still some variation to the degree. On some days I feel like my left can see better than my right, on other days it's the reverse. Vision does get blurry when I use computer or read books (more so when I read), but it 'resets' after sleeping.

There was a period of time in November when my vision in my right eye was damn blur and I was experiencing double vision. Freaked me out a lot. But turns out it was due to high pressure in the eyes. Was put on eye drops and now it's fine alr.

I don't specially take care of my eyes compared to before. Before the surgery, I was telling myself that I wouldn't use phone lying down or in the dark anymore, I'll do eye massages and so on. But it's all gone out the window now.

Hopefully the vision will stay this way, but I'm really enjoying the freedom from having to wear specs now.

Given the chance though, I might have still gone to Shinagawa instead. It's very hard to get through the hotline for Eagle Eye UNLESS yours is a new business. Tried calling them recently to schedule a eye check but till now have not been able to get through the hotline. And the waiting time is always super long.

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