Monday, 9 February 2015

[Short tutorial] How to write letters to your boyfriend in the Korean Army

So, after much ordeal, I've finally figured out how exactly you write letters to your loved ones in the Korean Army. But of course, this is only K's second week inside, so it may be for new recruits only. I'll update the blog again if it changes.

So firstly, you have to find out which camp he is in, preferably in korean. I googled "daum cafe + his camp name" and it was the first link that came out.

So of course by now you will realise that it only works if you have a daum account. By right, I think you need to have some form of identification (e.g. Korean IC) to create an account. K made the account for me using his mom's IC number. But I also noticed that there are taobao shops offering such services for as low as 10rmb so that is an alternative if you don't have any korean friends.

Using that account, you will have to join the group. The button is on the left column indicated by the red diamond. New users may have different words because I'm already a member.

From there, just press around until you successfully joined. I am not very well-versed in Korean so basically I just tried clicking random buttons until I'm in. You'll know that you've succeeded when you can successfully open up the pictures links on the home page.

Next you'll have to request for direct access to all the contents in the group.

To do that, click on the link as underlined in the picture below. The words in the bracket basically mean "request access".

After you're in, you will need to click on the pencil icon to write a new post. Put his big team number, followed by group number, followed by his individual recruit number.

Example will be 1중대 1소대 111번 훈련병 + (name)

My request got approved in like 10 hours and I was able to access the full site after that.

Then you just have to look for his 중대 from the left column and write in the respective links your letter.

As far as I know (which may be wrong), there doesn't seem to be a limit to the number of times you can write or how long the letter should be. Letters are collated twice a week and I assume printed out and handed to the soldiers.

You can write in English too ^^

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  1. Hello! I am in the same situation as you! can you post the link on which taobao shop offer the service? I would really appreciate it!! thank you loads:)