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Guangzhou Chimelong Theme Park review + tips

Okay, since I've dragged this post for so long I decided that I will make it more about tips that would be useful instead.

On the whole, I would say both the Guangzhou Chimelong Theme Park and the Safari Zoo was really worth the visit. I had so much fun that I didn't mind going back the next day.

The rides were a lot more exciting and there were a lot more rides than SIngapore's USS. To make it more quantifiable, the Chimelong Theme Park was about 4 times or more the size of USS? There were so many rides that we didn't manage to finish everything even though we were there from the moment the park opened till its closing.

So here are the tips.

Tip #1: Getting there

You can easily make your way there by MRT because the MRT is very near to the Chimelong, especially if you're going to the theme park. The MRT station is called Hanxi Changlong and it's located on Line 3. You'll be getting out from Exit E.

I STRONGLY RECOMMEND you to go by MRT because...

Tip #2: Tickets

At the exit of the Chimelong (Changlong) MRT, there will be tons of agents selling tickets to the different attractions. As of December 2014, if you are coming on normal days, the prices offered by the agents are around RMB205-230.

Taobao offers the same prices BUT it is more troublesome because you still have to redeem the tickets via the ticketing machine, and you need to have a valid China number and all.

Plus, if you purchase the tickets from these agents shoving the tickets in your face, they actually offer transport (by car or motorbike) to the entrance of the attraction. This really helps if you are going to the zoo because the zoo is much further in.

Tip #3: Timing

I went to the park at around 9.15a.m because the park opens at 9.30a.m. Once the park opens, there will be performances and all greeting you and you can take the time to slowly take pictures and all. Most of the rides open at 10am so this is the only time you can leisurely take pictures because the rest of the time you're just rushing to try out every ride.

While queueing, please pay close attention and observe which cars don't work. There was one car that just refused to turn when I was there so if you got that, be prepared to face the wall the whole time.

Tip #4: Don't pray for too little people

Unlike USS, the Chimelong theme park doesn't actually operate its rides until there is a certain number of people on it. Meaning, if the park is really empty and there's only 2 or 3 of you, be prepared to wait till the ride is about half filled up. I would suggest going on weekdays because there would be students on school tours to fill up the required number, yet you don't have to wait too long for your turn. But the students leave around 4pm so after that, the time spent waiting for the rides will actually stretch out.

This ride almost stopped my heart. Notice the 90 degrees drop on the right of the picture? Yeah, I couldn't stop thinking about a Final-Destination-like death the whole time. Sit in the first row at your own risk.

Tip #5: Wet rides

The agents at the MRT exit will try to sell you ponchos at RMB10 each.

Do not buy from them.

The theme park sells them at the same price, except you get bigger ponchos, as well as ponchos meant for your shoes. This is especially important if you are going in winter. I mean, what is the point of protecting your clothes if your shoes are going to be drenched.

The shoe ponchos don't last that long (with the walking and all), so try to play all the wet rides in one shot.

This ride has no other purpose except to drench you from head to toe. But I can see why it will be super popular in summer.

Tip #6: The Rides

Omg the rides. They are so exciting that they were almost too much for my heart. There are A LOT, and I really mean A LOT of rides that will make your heart skip a beat. The rides had so many drops, and turns, and twists. So much so that by around 5pm, my head was pounding and I had a splitting headache. So please, maybe try to space out the wild rides so that the fluids in your head gets a chance to recover and re-balance out.

One of my favourite rides, you bend forward as if you're riding a motorbike. I've never tried similar rides before so this was really cool.

Miscellaneous Tips:

- The food at the theme park can be quite pricey, about RMB 60 to 100 so it's about SGD14-20+. BUT, you don't have a choice because the park doesn't allow you to bring food in (there are bag checks at the entrance), and you can't enter again after you exit so you can't go out for food.

-The toilets are REALLY clean, they are the cleanest toilets I have ever came across while in Guangzhou so make good use of them.

- Most of the shows were pretty good but non-Chinese speakers may not really enjoy them. There are no subtitles even for the 3D/4D shows (which are in Chinese). I especially liked the Magic show and the Waterworld show. But you can skip the Lumberjack show if you are short on time. They really do nothing but cut wood.

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