Thursday, 6 December 2012

NUS GE2215 Introduction to Geographic Information Systems (GIS) [Module Review]

GE2215 Introduction to Geographic Information Systems (GIS) has got to be THE mod I most regret taking this sem.

The content is so dry it can give you split ends like no other. The whole module is so damn freaking technical I almost died every time we had to complete our lab sessions. My friend commented that this semester's GIS seems much harder than previous batches, not sure how true was that, but I'm full of angst for this mod.

6 lab sessions (60%)
class partcipation (10% - not sure how this was counted since in my opinion there wasn't actually any class participation involved?)
closed book finals MCQ and short answers (30%)

I took it thinking that I have a slight advantage since I have my friend's noted from the previous batches. But they were NO help at all because they completely revamped all the questions.

The lab sessions weren't really a come-I-guide-you-along kind of learning. It was more like a nah-you-should-get-this-answer kind. So you were left to fumble around on your own. The technicians are there to help during the lab tutorials, but ONLY during that time. And you'll have to go back quite a few times on your own before you can complete each lab, so I was struggling throughout.

Exam questions were tough (in my opinion la) as well. I left right on the dot at the one hour mark because I didnt know how to do and didn't feel like sitting there stoning and making myself depressed further.

I'm so glad this module is over. Take this module at your own risk.

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