Monday, 12 November 2012

Review: Biotherm Aquasource Hydra-Mineral Lotion Toning Water (Normal and Combination Skin)

I have been using the Biotherm Aquasource Hydra-Mineral Lotion Toning Water for normal and combination skin for about half a year now. 

I own both the Biotherm Aquasource Hydra-Mineral Lotion toning water and deep hydrating gel, so on most days I use them together. But sometimes, I also use this with my other moisturizers, such as the Laneige Water Sleeping Pack Ex.

The Biotherm Aquasource Hydra-Mineral Lotion Toning Water Zn claims to contain rich, active water which helps to rebalance and moisturize the skin by replenishing its nutrients, prepping your skin well for the full benefits of the next step and making it supple and toned. 

My normal routine is to pour a bit of it onto a cotton pad, and then I'll dab it onto my face and neck. It has just a teeny weeny bit of chemical smell to it, like those cosmetic chemical smell? It's not very strong, but when you're applying it, it is noticeable.

Right away after you apply, you can feel that your skin doesn't feel that tight anymore, which happens to me all the time after I wash my face. It's as if my face can't decide if it wants to be oily or dry. Sigh.

I normally use it only at night. I seldom put anything on my face in the morning because my face tends to get oily after a while if it had any products on it. Big problem there. But not the point.

I would say that this toning water does help me absorb my subsequent night products better. I'll feel that my skin is slightly more supple and bright when I use this as compared to just applying night moisturizer alone (sometimes I do that when I'm lazy).

But surprisingly, it seems to work with the Laneige Water Sleeping Pack Ex better, rather than the gel in the same Biotherm Aquasource range.

Overall, I would say that the product is worth a try, it did help make my skin more supple and toned, and seem to work well with the moisturizers that I am using. But the results are not as instantaneous or as good as I expected it to be.

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