Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Food Review: 328 Katong Laksa (53 East Coast Road)

Had a craving for laksa (the last time I had a bowl of laksa was at least a year ago. OMG I know) so off I went all the way to the east for a bowl of the famous Katong Laksa.

Still remember how I used to go there with my classmates after school and crowd up the whole shop. The stretch there used to have a lot more of katong laksa shops, and they sold more stuff as well. I still remember one of the shops (I think it's the same one I went to today) had really good fried kway teow, but it's no longer there now. 

When you're there, you shouldn't be expecting any nice service, or ambience whatsoever, it's really just the laksa that keeps you coming back. There's no menu and whatever food the shop has is printed on the A4 papers pasted on the wall.

Laksa (and the hum) has a very acquired taste. It's either you love it, or you don't. I used to really hate it when I was young because it was too milky for my liking, but my taste seems to have changed as I aged.

The laksa is served with only a spoon and no chopsticks, but the bee hoon is cut up into short small pieces so that it's easier to scoop up as you eat. I wasn't very used to eating with only the spoon, but it was still manageable.

The gravy itself is really really rich and flavorful, probably why the katong laksa is so famous. You can smell the coconut milk before you even take a sip. There's also a generous serving of fishcakes and hum. But disappointingly, the hum was too raw for my liking, almost as if it hasn't been cooked. you can taste a very strong seafood after taste. I prefer my hum to be slightly cooked while retaining the juicy texture.

For someone who can't take spicy food like me, this is really the best laksa you can ask for. It's really tasty without being overly spicy.

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