Saturday, 13 October 2012

Wine Connection Bar & Bistro

Had dinner with K at Wine Connection Bar & Bistro last night. I was having a very bad pasta craving and K suggested this place. Weird place for pasta I thought, but okay K is weird like that. HAHAHA.

One side of the wall was used completely to shelf wine. It made the place look very atas I thought. There were so many different kinds and I'm a noob at all things related to wine so I was quite in awe.

 The sparkling wine K ordered for me. K ordered a much stronger one for himself, I don't know what that's called though. This one was quite light and refreshing.

 I had the carbonara. It was okay, but not creamy enough I feel. I prefer my pasta to be drowning in cream sauce. The spaghetti was also a bit hard, would have preferred it to be a bit more cooked.

 K's tenderloin. Surprisingly it was really good.

 The beef was medium done and tasted really delicious either on it's own or with the sauce. I very much preferred this to the spaghetti.

Random picture of a potato. It tasted okay, a bit on the dry side though, but nothing mayo won't solve.

It came to about $50 plus for 2 person.

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