Thursday, 25 October 2012

Freeman Facial Clay Mask, Avocado & Oatmeal

Promised a review on the Freeman Avocado & Oatmeal facial clay mask  eons ago but haven't actually gotten around to doing it. So finally, I decided to just do a short write up on this, because good things are meant to be shared right. :)

The mask is in a squeeze out bottle, which can get quite frustrating because only a bit comes out even though you're like squeezing the bottle like mad. But the packaging is definitely better this way because it's more hygienic than the tub kind right.

So it's in like a green paste form, and can be spread quite easily. It sort of just glides along your skin and settles there. When I first used this mask, I made the mistake of spreading it quite close to my eyes, but during the drying you'll realise that's a really stupid thing to do because your skin around the eyes will feel really stretched. So nowadays I leave a wide margin around my eyes.

It dries quite fast, and you kind of feel this pulsating feeling during the drying process, makes you feel like the mask is really sucking all the impurities out. You can't really move your face muscles when it's drying, feels a bit like those peel off sheets imo. But after 15 minutes or so it'll be completely dry and you can wash it off. I normally leave it longer just a bit though, it makes me feel as if more impurities are being removed. Lol. During the drying process my skin does feel a bit tingly though, and once it's dried it can get quite flaky so don't move or touch your face too much unless you want green coloured snow all over your place.

The mask is really amazing for the price you can get it for. My face feels really baby soft afterwards and I can't stop touching it. I've read some other people do dab it on their pimples and leave it overnight and it works wonders as well. But I've not tried that yet because I haven't really gotten angry red pimples for a while, just tiny small bumps (which can be really irritating because they kind of just sits there forever).

I got mine from Mustafa for $5.90. I think it's retailing at Guardian for around $8.90. And one tube can last you at least two months or more (especially if you're lazy like me and only use it occasionally) so it's really a steal!

No harm trying right? :)

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