Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Review: Forever 21 Premium Denim Shorts

These are my new favourite raves. Denim shorts from Forever 21 under the Premium Denim label.

Extremely comfy, non-scratchy and versatile. It's mid-waisted so I always have the option of leaving my tops tucked-in or out to suit different looks. It also comes in white. Not sure if there are other colours though, because this is the four colours I saw in F21.

Priced at $27, I must say that they're really really worth every penny. What's more, go on a weekday and you're entitled to a student discount of 10% so it's only like $24!

By the way, thumbs up for awesome service at F21.

I didn't bother to try my blue piece since I know my size, but I went home to find that it was actually defective, as in, the cutting was off, maybe due to bad workmanship for that piece or what. But anyway, I had already snipped off the price tag by that time and was panicking that I might not be able to have an exchange. I went down to try my luck anyway, and the people there were really nice about it!

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