Friday, 11 May 2012


Went to Hatched for brunch because my friend liked to explore fresh food places.

Hatched was quite easy to find, but relatively inconvenient if you don't have a car. The nearest MRT station is Botanic Gardens, but because the walkway here is not sheltered, it can get quite hot during late mornings or early afternoons. And there were a lot of alive/dead millipedes along the way so you can imagine how much squealing there was coming from two girls.

We ordered sir benedict and the sausage platter to share. The eggs were really quite nice, with a creamy after taste. But the muffins that it was resting on was nothing memorable. For Hatched, you have the option of "just one", or "do two", but I recommend you do two because the serving is really small and its not very filling. The sir benedict was $18, quite pricey since the food wasn't really impressive.

The sausage platter was priced at $17, with three different types of sausages. I thought sausages couldn't go wrong since they're preserved food and preserved food usually taste quite nice by my standards. But holy heavens no, the two types of sausages to the left is really really horrible, especially the centre one. We both left it untouched after taking one small bite.

But the mash potato is quite nice though. So at least it wasn't all bad.

The cafe was smaller than we expected, but the decorations were quite unique. If you scrutinized the photo on top, they have this wrath thing made from chicken eggs and quail eggs which I thought was really cute.

We were seated at the sofa seats and it was quite comfortable. And the drawings on the wall really added life to the place.

The service were really good though. The girl serving us was smiley all the time and promptly refilled our cup of water even after we were done with the food.

This place would be worth coming to if you, like my friend, like to explore new food places around Singapore. Otherwise, I wouldn't really bother because the price does not match up to my expectation of the food.

Hatched is closed on Mondays.

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