Friday, 13 April 2012

Megagemie High Street Asymmetrical Slip

I bought the burgundy one, but the colour is not really very burgundy-ish, more like a faded dirty red.

Red is not really very sheer, so actually can go without a inner piece if you dare. There's an opening at the back though, probably to show the inner piece that you're wearing, but if you're okay with showing a bit of flesh, going without a tube/spag top is perfectly fine as well.

This top does tend to emphasize shoulders though, probably due to its slightly triangular shaped front. So might not look so nice if you have fleshier arms or broad shoulders.

The tail is reaaaally long, like almost down to my mid calf. But this helps to give it that flowy effect when you walk, I did consider altering it before I received the piece, but I think now there's not really a need to because its not really unsightly or anything.
Also tried it with skirt and jeans. But personally I feel a lighter bottom will go better with the red, probably that with panty hose or patterned leggings. I also think that elongating your legs (by wearing heels) will give it a better overall effect.

On the whole, because of the simplicity of the top and the material used, I don't think it's really worth the $28.50 unless this is really your style. This is more like a hit or miss kind of top, either you really like it or you don't. I did try it with a belt, the back looks nice but because the front is much shorter it has a kind of ballooning effect. So I don't think a belt will go very nicely with this also.

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