Monday, 16 January 2012

Raindrops Cafe

Went to Raindrops Cafe to celebrate Cheel's 21st. The place was suggested by Clar because she said the ambience is cosy, so we decided to head there.

Honestly speaking, I wasn't very impressed with the deco of the place. The only redeeming deco is the unique tiffany blue umbrellas they displayed outside the shop, but other than that, t was very bare and minimalistic.

I didn't manage to take a picture of the exterior since I was already running late for the meet up.

The interior of the shop was quite small, with a open-kitchen concept, so you could see what the chef was doing. There was only one waitress on duty that night, and her attitude was super bad. Black face through out our whole dinner and was behaving damn impatiently the whole time.

Asked her to refill our empty glasses a few times and she ONLY refilled the glass of the person that asked her even though everyone's glasses were empty. We even had to go get the water pitcher ourselves.

Also asked her to help us take a polaroid before we left but she snapped the picture even before we had positioned ourselves properly. Plus the picture was off-centre so half the picture was of the table instead of us.

We had the mushroom soup, don't like it that there's a layer of oil floating on the surface, makes it look very unhealthy. And as you can see, there's soup on the side of the dish as well, so it didn't look very appealing. Taste wise it was okay, merely acceptable. I actually read some reviews on hgw before heading down and they were quite bad, so I wasn't expecting much already.

We also had the raindrops burger. The flavours were chicken, beef and fish. Think the vege was just for decoration purpose cos they had no sauce on them whatsoever and tasted dry.

We also had the salmon, but didn't take any pictures of it. The serving was quite small and taste very ordinary. Definitely not those that will make you come back for more kind.

Double chocolate brownie with ice cream. Slightly better I must say, maybe their desserts are better than the main course? The brownie was slightly moist, and there was quite a generous serving of walnut mixed evenly, so not much complaints there. $9 for a dessert dish is quite normal for a cafe, but actually taste similar to the brownie that NUS sells, and at $1.30 per piece I'll say I'll choose the NUS one any time over this.

They didn't keep the cake that we brought over in the freezer and it ended up melted and ugly. So we had to order another dessert to replace the original cake. We chose the tiramisu since they said it was one of the better desserts. 

Presentation wise it looked quite good, with the blueberry swirls and all, tasted quite nice too, very moist.

All in all, I would say that this is a very forgettable place. People may drop by out of curiosity but they sure need some strong selling point to attract return customers. And while at it, they should also brush up on their service, I definitely would not want to pay for such bad service.

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