Thursday, 12 January 2012

East Coast Park!

We wanted to go roller blading last Sunday but it was pouring horribly that day, so we postponed our plans and we finally went yesterday! It was a really long trip from the West to the East.

pretty trees while walking to ECP

Oh no! Why is it so stormy!

Hahaha. It was actually really sunny that day. The picture above was taken with the dramatic effect on my camera. Cool right!

ECP now has some really cool equipment on top of the usual roller blades and bicycles. And they're so brightly-coloured it makes me happy! :D

K showing off his roller blading skills.

I super love this picture! Makes the place look so peaceful and serene. With all the nice happy colours and the sun reflecting off the water. Feels like I'm overseas!

Mr. long-hands

The beautiful sunset! But we didn't really get to see because we were trying to maximise our two hours worth of roller blading. And I freaking crashed into a door, those construction ones. It was the end of the road and I couldn't make my blades stop (cos I'm a noob ma okay) so I was damn happy that there's a door in front since I thought it can absorb the speed and make me stop. But the door can be pushed like for 10cm even though its locked, so I couldn't stop, and readily crashed into it. -.-

Plus I also fell damn hard on my ass JUST before turning into the shop to return the blades. K bladed past the shop and I was wondering where he was going, and missed the big nut thing in front of me and totally tripped. Super embarrassing but it was so super duper painful I couldn't even get up and just sat in the middle of the road whining. Haha.

Flying to the sun! hahahaha.

I really really had fun there. Plus I get to exercise! Fruitful day indeed. :)

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