Thursday, 1 December 2011

Food review: BLooiE's Roadhouse, Science Park II

Located in a very ulu place, the BLooiE's Roadhouse can be found right outside the back gate of Prince George's Park Residences. Have been planning to visit these place for a few months but never really found the time to do so. You can choose to sit in the aircon area or the outdoor area. Would have chosen the outdoor area if it wasn't raining so badly that night. The place is surrounded by trees and there's a lake out front. The water spray/fountain? thing is normally switched on in the afternoon.

Was told by K that its actually a sports bar and they use to come here to watch soccer when Kent Ridge Hall did not have the big screen in the dining hall. There's a few TVs around the interior but the screen is quite small (in my opinion la). And normally you'll see ang mohs frequenting this place. Other food reviews commented that the music was too loud, but we found it quite alright, maybe because it's our kind of music.

I quite like the interior design of the place, it has a very wooden feel to it. See the above picture of the lights? One of my favourite decorations in the place. But don't expect the service to be fantastic. The service crew was decked out in berms and tshirts and looked super grouchy.

The menu has all the standard items, like starters/appetizers, burgers, sandwiches, pasta, pizza, main course and so on. Was deciding between the pasta, blackened dory or the pork ribs but settled for the blackened dory in the end. I don't know why but I normally tend to choose the chef's recommendations or popular items if that is my first visit to the restaurant. Safer choices ma. K had the mussels pasta. Can't remember the exact name for it.

I really liked the blackened dory. The sauce was something like tartar sauce but more lemon-y. The mashed potato was quite bland but still alright. As you can see, the portion is quite big, so I was quite full after finishing the whole thing.

But then, K's mussel pasta was not that good. Don't get me wrong, the mussels were good, it's the big kind and not the tiny ones you get from cold storage. But then the pasta was quite tasteless. Not sure if you can change the sauce base to cream but I think with cream base it may well have fared better.

We spent about $50 in total I think. For a two pax. Not sure about the exact price because K paid and din't want me to look at the receipt. Yeah, he's cute like that.

All in all, I think I will probably be back to try the pork ribs, since I stay in the area. I like the atmosphere and its nice to stroll along the road after meals since its surrounded by trees and all so quite serene and clean. And normally at night its quite deserted.

Address: 21 Science Park Road
              #01-01, The Aquarius
Telephone: 67750446
Opening Hours: Sun - Thu 11am - 12mn
                         Fri - Sat 11am - 1am

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