Saturday, 3 December 2011

Best tom yum in Singapore

Finally satisfied my craving for Tom Yum yesterday. I don't know where your favourite tom yum place is, but mine is here.

Fish Sou in the coffee shop along Serangoon Ave 3. It's the one that is opposite Zhonghua Secondary School, at the end right next to the soya bean place. The uncle is a very nice and smiley person, very very kind looking.

Wanted to have double fish but had a very full breakfast. So in the end settled for my usual fried fish tom yum ee-mian. I can't take food that is too spicy but this is just nice for me (but of course I have to eat with milo la, to reduce the spiciness).

I also like the fish soup from bedok, the soup base has bittergourd in it. But I'll introduce it another day. :)

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