Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Review: Groupon LifeSpa Massage @ Carlton Hotel

Disclaimer: I paid for the service that was provided and this post is entirely based on my personal experience and opinions.

So, I finally went for a well-deserved massage last Thursday.

I bought the massage voucher for Lifespa from Groupon some time back but because I was so busy, I only managed to arrange for a session last week.

LifeSpa is two outlets (I think). I chose the one at Carlton Hotel because I had a play to watch nearby at night, so it was perfectly convenient.

To reach the spa, you go into Carlton Hotel and turn right (if you're facing the check-in counter). Then you go to the lift at the premier wing next to gravity bar.

The spa seemed quite insignificant from the outside, maybe because the waiting area is really small. But the first thing that I noticed when I went in was that all the counter girls were very well-groomed.

I was asked to fill up a form with my personal details and my preferences during the massage (i.e. how strong you want it to be, and whether you would like the Swedish, deep tissue or Javanese massage). I chose firm with deep tissue.

While I was filling in the form, I was served ginger tea and it made me so happy. I had the same ginger tea at this massage place in Krabi and I loved it so much. LifeSpa was the first spa that I went to that served that exact ginger tea, so imagine my excitement.

I was then led into this couple room and told to change into the disposable underwear and shower cap.

The room was quite big (because it was a couple room la, duh) and even had a tub and shower facilities.

The massage was one of the best that I had in Singapore. Most of the massage places that I've gone to in Singapore cannot compare to the ones in Thailand. It somehow feels as if something is lacking. But the massage at LifeSpa was really good. The masseuse was strong and constantly checked if everything was alright. She even offered me a heated blanket in case I felt too cold.

They did try to sell me a massage package. It was actually quite a good deal. around $80+ for a one-hour massage plus free scrub/soak/some infrared thing. But it was out of my budget so I didn't get it. On the whole, the after massage sales was a bit hard sell. Like, when I told her I didn't want to sign up for the massage, the sales girl asked "whyyy, you don't think our massage is good?" After insisting that my mind was made up, her face kinda turned black. Oops.

But I would say that on the whole, the experience was very pleasant and well worth the money spent.

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